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STARTbusiness Workshop Announced!

It is a passion filled with both growth and challenges. I am a nerd at heart and when we STARTed STARTplanner, I read every business book I could get my hands on – not just business but accounting, marketing, finance, etc. One time, I read a book on numbering your chart of accounts (see, I told you I was nerdy!) on a flight home and the minute I was back in my office, I spent the entire day implementing all I had learned. Here is the thing, the more knowledge you have, the wiser the decisions you can make! I am encouraging you to make learning a priority, too! The combination of education (books, workshops, conferences, podcasts) and experience can excel your success! 
Speaking of education & personal development, did you know I am part owner of the Start Loving You conference? It started as a conference for just moms, but has evolved into a conference for ALL women who are needing a break from the day-to-day and looking to be inspired, motivated and celebrated! We bring in amazing women from all over the country to speak on all different topics (wellness, motivation, comedy, relationships, balance, and more!) and encourage you to start living your best life! In the past, we have had speakers such as Jordan from Fun Cheap or Free, #IMomSoHard, Samantha Ettus, Cat And Nat and even Kristina Kuzmic!
For many years, I consulted for businesses and taught workshops, but due to time constraints and being so busy, I haven’t had the opportunity to offer those for quite some time. Well, we are excited to announce a business workshop add-on for Start Loving You on Friday, May 3rd! You can learn from Jenny and I  first-hand! Spend a half day with us in a smaller environment for personalized attention.  We will be cutting through the “bull” and we will show you a behind-the-scenes look at our business, processes, systems, and workflows that have allowed for our rapid growth! A couple of things I wanted to share with you… 

The workshop is going on sale to the public this Wednesday (12/5) but I convinced my business partners to let me offer it to my email list (that’s you!) TODAY for first dibs! 


There are ONLY 40 seats available!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

I have a feeling these seats will fill up fast. This is a very economical way to learn from Jenny and I for a day at a fraction of the cost. In the past, I charged $350/hour for consulting. It is $499 but while early bird pricing or while tickets last it is only $349 for the entire conference. Both Start Loving You Experience and half day business add-on with Jenny and I! 


More details on this Workshop Experience HERE! 


Mark your calendars!  This Wednesday, I am going to jump on Instagram Live with one of my Start Loving You business partners, Kelsy, for our Lunch & Listen! Come hang with me at 3:00 pm EST on Instagram! Where we will talk a little business! 


If you are not sure what all START companies I own you can check out the current STARTbrands here.

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