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Thursday’s Tips: My Day


I have honestly gotten away from blogging. I use to blog 3-5 times a week and as my life has gotten busier some things have started slipping through the cracks, and blogging is one of them.  I say this because, as I am giving tips, tricks and advice, I fail at a lot of things. We have to remember to give ourselves some grace. For me, from a business perspective my life looks very different from how it did last year, and at the pace we are growing I am learning more and more about myself and how to lead a team every day. You might see the polished Kristy on Instagram and Facebook but you guys… I get frustrated, let people down, mess up, fail, and honestly have more imperfections than I care to mention.


I go to bed some nights thinking I accomplished nothing and other days feeling like I ruled the world. Here is the thing though, “Kristy” 5 years ago would let it throw off her day and defeat her. “Kristy” of today knows that progress is a marathon, not a one-day sprint, and I want to remind you of that. Our lives have seasons when there is more time to put into professional goals, and seasons where there is more time for personal goals.


I am going to start giving Thursday Tips. I don’t know if you guys know this but I am in the middle of writing a book called Start Balancing (if you have not already subscribed do so here) and I am going to start sharing more about that as well as the journey. In a nut shell Start Balancing is going to be a self-help organizational book. I speak and teach on balance, success, organization, and happiness, but it is because I too once struggled with all of this. So here is my first series of Thursday’s Tips and this is for Shannon, who wanted to see how “My Day” was organized. So if you have questions about anything, start asking! This series will enable me to answer your questions more frequently!


Two weeks ago, if you had asked me what “my day” looked like you would have received a very different answer. My kids are now back in school so Mama has a little more routine in her life. I also want to say I now have a nanny 4 days a week, but I have also, in the past, worked 30 hours a week and only had a nanny 2 days a week and had to balance getting things done during nap times and with a laptop.


If you are a Mom… the two things I feel are game changers are picking three days a week to exercise and waking up early. This is something for you and can change your life. You can even do this mid-morning with your kiddos while they have some time in the play center. I use to wake up early to be productive and knock things out on my to do list and then head to the gym at 9am. Now, I wake up early and knock out my exercise because I have a team waiting for me in the office by 9am. That is the beauty of schedule… change and make it so it works for your lifestyle. I am constantly changing mine.


Wake Up: 5am. This is a must. I also feel like it is a must to get at least 7 hours of sleep. Did you know that not getting adequate sleep is just as unhealthy as smoking? So make sure you get your rest. Typically, I go to the gym 4 days a week. So on gym days: 5:25am at the gym for a class. Leave by 6:15am. Shower, wake up oldest, I get ready, and then see him off at the bus at 6:55am. Wake up middle one and typically the baby is running around by now in the chaos that is unfolding. Nanny arrives by 8am and currently my work days are 4 days a week from 8am-4pm. Every day is different but I have a day for a team meeting, days for out of office meetings, and days to work all day in my yoga pants (okay maybe a lot of those days). I am structured and efficient with everything I do. If I do something more than once I create a workflow or template for it. From 4-8pm is family time. Cooking, homework, games, reading, etc. From 6-7pm is normally what I like to call “the grind” time. Cleaning up from dinner and bath time… because let’s be real that is equivalent to running a marathon. Then from 8-9:30pm is movie, reading, husband time, etc. I don’t watch much TV at all but I am guilty for wasting some brain cells on reality TV or good shows from time to time! Holla!


Getting help to give you two chunks a week to be productive is a game changer. It can even be where you do this with a friend and she watches your kids while you watch hers. I also want to remind you of this. I am a mom of three kids as well so it is nuts… 99% of the time. Some days my 4-year old is melting down as I try to shuffle him in the car. Some days I want to hit snooze on the alarm. Some days I want to find a dark closet with chocolate and just sit in the corner. But you know what… right now are the most beautiful days we have. My kids are healthy, life is busy, and every day I choose to work for the things I believe in! It takes dedication, work, and YOU, ready to get busy!


And, yes! A lot of days my planner just looks like this… not as pretty;)




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