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What is to Come in 2018!

HERE is a look at what I will be sharing in 2018! You have asked and I plan to answer!

Share this with friends or anyone else you think would benefit because I am pumped to give you a candid look at how I (we) have built a successful business, how we plan to continue growing, how to focus on financials, debt reduction, health, and more!

For those of you who took my questionnaire, thank you! The winners of the giveaway are Amanda Lynn Powell & Lindsey Anderson. Congratulations!!

This is in no particular order but here is what is to come! ????

• Motivation & Staying Motivated

• Debt – Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

• Being Accountable

• Taking a Leap and Believing

• Struggles & How To Overcome Them

• Does the success and satisfaction of owning a business outweigh the craziness and stress involved?

• How STARTplanner Got Started

• Marriage, Business Ownership, and Motherhood – are you happier with a purpose?

• My husband is not a planner! What can I do?

• How I almost lost it all & decided never again

• Varying Cash Flow – how to manage it + pay yourself with your business

• My Daily Routine

• Become Debt Free On Limited Income

• Prioritizing and STAYING FOCUSED!

• What is the biggest thing you have done to get to where you are today?

• Ping pong table… That is how my business partner describes my mind when I asked her how does my mind think. My thought process.

• Financially, how did you start the business???? Sharing it all

• How To Manage The Juggle

• Mind Over Matter! Self Value

• When You Fall or Fail

• Guest Post + My Financial Planner

I am so excited for this year and sharing all this new content with you!! Let’s get ready to do this!

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